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3 Reasons Why Giving a Hug is the Least You Can Do This Holiday Season

If you’re not looking forward to seeing a certain family member (or all your family members, no shame here) this holiday season, you’re not alone.

When standing toe to toe with a task that feels much too big - like enjoying everyone’s company this holiday season- it is always powerful to start with one small change. There is one, scientifically proven, small change that you can make this year to benefit those you come in contact with and yourself.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be extra generous with the hugs this holiday season, even to those you’re not the most thankful for:

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Negotiating Consequences

Negotiating consequences WITH your kid is an easy tweak to make, that results in more ‘buy in,’ and compliance from your kid as they are actively engaged and participating in the process of determining a consequence. It offers autonomy to your youth in a time when they may feel powerless to the consequence of not meeting and expectation

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