home-based therapy quiz

Still not sold on someone coming into your home for therapy?  

Let’s take a quiz to see if home-based family could be right for you and your family!


True or False:


- I want to get help for my family

- I have an extra hour in my week to help my family 

- I love arguing with my kid to get in the car and go anywhere, let alone to therapy

- I love leaving my house in the evenings, driving to an office, finding parking, sitting in a waiting room for an hour trying my best to be productive, to then return home and have to start dinner, and have the whole evening routine off at least 2 hours

- I love explaining to my child’s therapist about the fights they get into with their siblings/ the tantrums they throw/ the ways they disrespect me- and working on it for a year, when the therapist has never seen these behaviors first hand


So... How'd you do?

Most parents only answer 'True' to the first 2.

Home-Based therapy is a great option for families who are  busy during the week, and want to take the stress of travel out of therapy. Our therapists DO NOT expect you to clean the house prior to your appointment. We have kids and pets, too. We know it's impossible to keep a house 'company ready' all the time. Although it may be strange at first having a new person in your home, it helps the therapeutic relationship develop more authentically. If you try it and end up missing the weekly commute to an office, we'd be happy to discuss office-based options available in your community. 

therapy is tough to work into your weekly routine, when patience and time is limited. 

So we come to you!