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Although we focus primarily on family therapy, we gladly serve others with a relational and culturally-sensitive focus.

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We help couples build strong and healthy patterns of communication and conflict resolution; including premarital counseling. Many of the couples we work with are struggling to find the romantic spark after kids, busy work schedule, and many years with the same partner. We gladly welcome diverse couples.


Parenting is tough enough when you’re on the same page, let alone when you’re not. Whether you’re together, separated, or it’s complicated - your primary concern is getting it right for your kids, and collaborating to give them the best foundation for their future. Our goal is to support parents in raising their children to one day be confident and successful in the world. We work collaboratively with eager parents to evaluate parenting strategies and family dynamics to make family time more fun and less stressful. 


We work to empower the lively spirit of childhood during the most important developmental stages of life. Interventions with children focus on routine, structure, play, expectations, and communication. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in their child’s sessions.


Although teens are often reluctant when it comes to therapy, they have so much to benefit from having someone who cares about them to bounce ideas off of, and to help them make sense of their ever-changing worlds. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in their teen’s sessions: because the real goal is to help improve the parent-teen relationship.


Although we are family therapy based, we gladly work with individual adults too. We work with individuals in the context of their various systems (neighborhood, work community, family of origin, friend group, etc.) to maintain a relational focus.


The sibling unit is a dynamic force within a family system, with a great deal of power. Siblings often dance a fine line between best friends and bitter rivals, we assist the siblings and the rest of the family in exploring conflicts and learning new skills to avoid taking sides.

families in crisis & those with mental health diagnoses

Your therapist has extensive experience working with children, youth, and families in crisis. When a member of the family is suffering from a mental health diagnosis, or mental health crisis, the entire family is greatly impacted and must rearrange to accommodate. Your therapist has experience in assessing for suicidal, homicidal, and other risk factors throughout treatment.