The starting fee for home-based family therapy is $150. This covers a 50-minute session and travel within a 5 mile radius of downtown Oak Park.

Session frequency is agreed upon between therapist and family at initial session. Weekly sessions are most often recommended. Phone sessions and consultations services are available to families outside of regularly scheduled home-based appointments, and fees for those services are discussed during initial session.

Empower Family Therapy does not accept insurance reimbursement directly, only self-pay is accepted. We offer receipts of services to select families that may meet criteria for an individual mental health diagnosis (a requirement for any insurance compensation). Families can submit these receipts to their insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company prior to beginning services to determine what reimbursement could be available upon submission.


Empower Family Therapy offers home-based services and travel expenses to homes within a 5 mile radius from downtown Oak Park. Families living outside of this radius are also warmly welcomed to engage in services. A minimal travel fee of $1 per mile will be  added to the base fee for families living outside of the 5 mile radius.


Insurance companies often restrict the awesome services family therapists can provide. Most insurance companies are not up-to-date on family therapy practices, and still require an individual person to carry a diagnosis and be seeking treatment. They want for the therapist to identify a single person in the family who is 'having' the problem 'for' the family. Insurance companies also report these diagnoses to the Medical Information Bureau, which may impact your or your child's ability to receive insurance benefits in the future. A mental health diagnosis is not always needed for a family to seek therapy, just like an illness is not always needed to try to improve overall health. We choose not to get stuck in the yucky position of figuring out how to provide the best care, while fitting into the restrictive requirements of insurance companies. We look forward to the day that relational mental health services are fully covered and appreciated. We believe that overall wellness services should be provided with encouragement for those seeking a healthier lifestyle: especially in relation to how we raise our families. Until then, we hope you understand that we are doing what we can to maintain our values regarding building healthy families in our community.